Welcome to Boston Psychotherapy Associates

Boston Psychotherapy Associates is a personalized, private practice that offers effective treatment for a wide range of psychological and emotional issues. Our approach to psychotherapy is professional and confidential, highly individualized and not dictated by rigid orthodoxies.  The practice is kept compact so that we can offer personalized and responsive services. New patients are seen quickly, usually within a week of contacting us.

We Are Pleased to Offer:

Experience: Our therapists are senior practitioners. We are not a training institution; patients are seen only by highly experienced, licensed therapists, never interns or students.

Information: We keep up to date with research-supported treatment methodologies and share current information with our patients.

Accessibility: We are highly accessible and responsive for email (preferred) and telephone contact during and after practice hours. Every effort is made to accommodate patients’ schedules for appointments. We offer morning, afternoon, and evening appointments.

Resources: We maintain highly screened referral resources and networks for our patients in medical, nutritional, educational, legal, financial, and other service areas. We work collaboratively with several Boston-area psychiatrists if our patients can benefit from prescription medications. If we cannot offer the services that prospective patients require, we are happy to assist them in acquiring the proper resources.

Insurance coverage: We are providers for all Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans as well as some Allways plans.

Our Practice Includes:

-Anxiety and phobias
-Eating disorders
-Obesity and overeating
-Substance abuse
-Compulsive disorders
-Couples issues
-Sexual dysfunction
-Sexual issues, including compulsions
-Career and educational issues
-Women’s issues