Students Seeking Therapy

Because the Boston area attracts so many students from across the nation and the world, we have become specialists in working with patients who may have begun their psychotherapeutic and medical treatments in other locations, or who wish to begin treatment but have their family, medical, and insurance supports elsewhere.

We welcome contacts from students, their families, and professional providers regarding our services. If we are unable to provide the necessary services for any reasons, we will, at no charge, help find appropriate care.

In many cases, we can work directly with health insurers from other states and local schools (we are preferred providers for all states’ Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans). If we are not contracted with the insurer to bill them directly for you, we will facilitate whatever reimbursement is possible to the patient or family.

We are specialists in working with college and graduate students at all levels, and know the academic, emotional, social, and cognitive challenges that they face. In addition to being a highly experienced psychotherapist, Dr. Mitchel Rose has been a Boston-area professor for over 35 years, serving on the Academic Standings Committee of Tufts University and advising undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. Karen Rose has worked therapeutically with students of all levels, and has lectured at secondary and university schools in the Boston area.  She is on referral lists from many local colleges and universities.